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A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Take the first step today by contacting me for your 1 on 1 VIP conversation. That first step can lead you to a world that you never dreamed was possible. 

All first-time in-person dates require an initial email, text, phone, or video conversation.

I suggest that you not wait to contact me, I am extremely selective and I'm only available to date 1-2 men per month.


I prefer at least 2 recent references. Please include the provider's name, email, and website.


Thank You! For Payment: Zelle Email contact@datevanessa.com

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E-Mail conversation
Longest Response time.

Let's take our time to plan our date through email.


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Phone conversation

$200 gift

Up to 1 hour.

Hear my smooth sultry voice while we plan the date of your dreams.


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Text conversation
$100 gift
Faster Communication.

Let's pick up the pace with direct instant messaging. The sooner, the better.


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Video conversation

$400 gift

Up to 1 hour.

Let's take it to the next level and liven things up while you see me in action.

Now that you're ready to take a step closer into my world, please feel free to tell me a little bit about yourself and what you're seeking.  As I hope that we will soon become close friends, our initial conversation plays an important role in determining our mutual compatibility, so don't be shy.  You can tell me about your hobbies, your idea of a perfect date, or something about yourself that your friends often describe you as (please do not make any vulgar or explicit references or I will be unable to continue contact). After you've sent the requested gift amount, I will first contact you at the email address you entered in the contact form to set up a time for our conversation. 

If you are looking for date ideas, please visit my engagements page.

All information that you provide will be held under the strictest of confidence, and immediately destroyed after our date.  I will never call you without first connecting with you directly via e-mail to set up our conversation at a predetermined time of your choice.

With much anticipation,