Because of my unique offerings, I receive compensation for my time differently than most. 

Please read how I accept compensation below.

Non- Scottsdale Escorts
  1. I am not an escort… At least not by today's cultural standard. Therefore, I do not "charge by the hour".

  2. I do not charge "rates, fees, or wages" for my time. However, my time is not free. I request and I accept gifts and allowances only.

  3. You may see my ad or name associated with escorts because I offer similar services such as escorting you to an event, massage, or BDSM and you may see my ad alongside ladies who offer typical escort services but be aware that I offer something very unique and very different.                                      

  4. If you are looking for that type of service, there are plenty of great girls out there that are available. I do not want you to waste your time trying to schedule a rendezvous with me. 

  5. I am a Personal Companion… A Luxury Lifestyle Companion. I date you based on chemistry, connection, and us forming a real mutually beneficial relationship. We date each other based on an ongoing arrangement where an allowance is gifted to me based on our personal specifics, wants, and needs.

  6. We may partake in short engagements before deciding to form an ongoing arrangement or if you're simply just looking for a short-term companion for an event or for a private date. I will request a gift for our short-term engagement based on the specific plans and the kind of date you're interested in.

  7. Chemistry and clarity are assessed through a one-hour 1 on 1 VIP Conversation before we ever meet for a date.

The Requested 1 on 1 VIP Conversation Gift Amounts are as follows:

1-hour video date $360

1-hour phone date $210

1-hour texting date $110

You can also schedule an email chat.


In our 1 on 1 conversation, we explore our wants & needs, and from there we decide if we're a good fit to date.

I do not see any and everyone. I am very selective and therefore, very exclusive.